Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hello everybody, and welcome to the very first post of this new blog.
My name is Chris Besset, and I'll be trying to post articles on this blog as often and regularly as possible.
First, don't expect a daily update, it will be closer to a weekly one.
I will post about meets I will be covering, motorsport events or global automotive news around the world.
I will also provide regular updates about my project car, a '91 MX-5, and my brother's AW11.

Two words about me: I'm a 24 years old car enthusiast of unknown origin, raised on rally events, Gran Turismo and global awesomeness of the automotive world in the 90s. I currently live in the western part of France, where the original Venturi plant was located. Motorsports in this region always exclusively consist of soft hill climbs, gathering a wide variety of cars, from the old F3 to modern WRC cars, and the obligatory fleet of very hot hatches from Renault and PSA. I will also cover the 24 hours of Le Mans this year, if everything go smoothly.
You can also expect local meets, themed or not, covering more than a century of automobile history, with cars coming from all around the world, as well as the obligatory luxury car spotting on touristic spots.

Well, with that said, I've not much more to add, so let's start.

Oh, and why Hotmilk Garage ? I will let you try to guess ...