Sunday, April 8, 2012


Let's start off with this informal meet held every month at the Legend Café, a vintage car and motorcycle themed restaurant.
This meet started as a purely informal gathering of old American cars and motorcycles, and rapidly expanded into a more general sport and classic car show. There is no organization, no visitor parking, and it only last for about two hours.
During these two hours, various cars constantly arrive and leave, enormous muscle cars park between old French compacts, and people gather at every new car like a fleet of bees, making it very hard to grab any clean shot.

First car spotted was this absolutely perfect Opel GT.

Look closely, there is no boot !

This brown Cox was wearing some extreme fitment on these back wheels.

I love these asymmetrical wheels: 4 spoke front, 5 spoke rear.

 A 280 SL, a 964 and a 450 SEC: Germans definitely know hos to design a car, be it a luxury coupé, or a true sportcar.

 I don't really see the the point of those glass-covered side vents, but I do think they look really cool.

This Porsche 912 (a 911 equipped with a flat-4 from a 356 SC) sporting a matte blue paint, nice airbrushes and strategically-placed rust points was a beast to look at.

Talk about generation gap.

You can tell it's serious business when the Michelin semi-slicks from this GT3 were still hot, despite the car being parked for a while.

These perfect condition Peugeot 203 brought some tears of nostalgia in the eyes of many older attendants. Did you notice the Ford Focus RS blasting in the back ?

The grandma of all Citroen. I think it's a B10-variant, but I cannot tell for sure.
Let's take a better look at that emblem ...

This radiator hub cap is so worked up, it could belong to a Bentley. But this one has a thermometer included in it !

No French car show could be complete without at least a 205 GTI somewhere. These little hot hatches are literally everywhere, blasting the backroads since 30 years. This 1.6L is good for 105hp, with only 875kgs to move.

This Renault Ondine was topping the Dauphine range in the sixties. This Aérostable variant was running on a factory air ride.

Why did you change your logo, Renault ?

Another rare sight was this Matra Murena. The mid-engined 2.2L 4-banger was good for 118hp, which is plenty enough to power the FRP-covered body to nearly 200kph, thanks to it's lightweight construction, the whole car weighting a mere 1000kg. 

One interesting feature is that this car is actually a tree-seater, everyone sitting on a single row of seats.

And that conclude the first part of this coverage.
Stay tuned for part 2.