Monday, May 7, 2012


Here is the second part of our coverage of the  April edition of the Legend Café informal meet, focusing this time on more exotic and American cars.

With 200 hp extracted from the famous PRV V6 Turbo, the same found under the Alpine GTA, the  MVS Venturi isn't exactly you common sight...

Especially when you can admire  two of these cars parked close to each other. There is a simple reason why two rare MVS Venturi can be found here: they were produced in the same city of Cholet some 30 years ago, by four ex-employees of Heuliez. The striking exterior is backed by an extremely precise chassis and  the well-know V6 PRV in turbo flavor.

The goal was clearly to reclaim the French market of GT cars from Porsche and Ferrari. The interior was fully covered in Connolly leather and precious wood, although some elements came from mass-produced Renault and Peugeot.

This Mini was sporting the traditional Union Jack on his roof, but being monochrome make it stand out. The whole Mini could almost fit in the bed of that '66 Chevy truck !

This Corvette is one of the 25 R437 ever made, celebrating 50 years of competition of the iconic car.

This Caterham Superlight R300 maybe 2,5 times less powerful than the Corvette, it's also 3 times lighter ! The meaty 205/60R13 Toyo R888 make no doubt about the capacities of that little beast.

Carbon, carbon everywhere. This guy make the trip from Corsica to attend the meet, 1.400 km full of wind, insects and exhaust gases.

The BROstang, a regular at this event.

It's always stunning to see cars in this condition, looking like they just came out of the factory.

It was absolutely perfect from every angle.

Even the fuel lid was exempt of gas stains.
Everything is in the little detail.

One of the principal attraction of this Sunday was the three Dodge Charger sitting in a corner, looking plenty menacing. Those things are just plainly enormous, and totally unsuited for our local roads.

The three were in different states of conservation, the red one being "build to go, not to show", as the owner stated.

The blue one was better looking, providing a better look at those awesome proportions.

As for the black R/T one, it was a completely different story. This car is in so perfect condition it's disturbing. The owner provided a drive to some lucky attendants, who were forbidden to buckle their seatbelts, to prevent scratching the metal. The sound it provided was on par with the looks, making your heart stop for a brief period.

Later in the day, a 360 Modena Spider showed up, gathering the crowd. The engine bay is so clean and smooth it looks like a screenshot from Forza's Autovista.

The interior of that Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint looks like every vintage Alfa: a precise mix of sportiness and luxury. Il Granturismo

Even the sidesills are a highly refined piece of design, these one sporting the name of the designer.

Just as you can't talk about vintage French cars without mentioning the 205 GTI, you can't forget the VéloSolex when talking about bikes. This iconic forward-wheel drive moped was the mandatory equipment of every blue-collar worker in the 50s and 60s.

And that pretty much wrap up our coverage of the April edition of this event. But rest assured, the May edition is coming next week !