Thursday, May 17, 2012


Back for our monthly coverage of the Legend Café Meet.
With the extremely nice weather we had this time, many cars were expected, ranging from Lotus Elise to American landboats. And as usual, nobody was disappointed.

Today, a lone Venturi was representing the local regretted brand. Unlike the other two posted last month, this one is a Venturi 260 SPC,  with the usual PRV V6 delivering 260hp. The car lost its original name MVS Venturi in the process, becoming simply the Venturi 260 SPC.

Once, both of these cars were regular Lotus Elise. But then magic happens ...

This is the interior of a Renault 4CV from 1952, fully restored. It looks kinda cramped, but the overall quality of this restoration make up for it. Illustrating the friendly atmosphere of this meet, the owner left the key on his car.

Sitting next to my NA, this rare Panhard Dyna X just came back from the 40's, judging by the amazing quality of the restoration. Powered a 610cc flat-twin engine producing a mere 24hp, this could only rely of its limited curb weight of 550kg to get off. The front grille kinda remind me of a Studebaker bullet nose.

Another great example of a restoration of an iconic French car was this Renault 17. These Renault 12 derived coupés tend to be quite rare now, being crippled by rust or wrapped around trees by young wannabe drivers in the 80's.

The KLP Garage Porsche 912, being as cool as usual.

Another unusual wight was this Opel Rekord Caravan. Being produced exclusively between 1965 and 1966 make this 3-door station wagon pretty rare, especially in this condition.

Still, it looked like it was ready for another holiday trip for the whole family to the south French coast. Additional headlamp built into one of the mall is an interesting feature. Also, fender-mounted mirrors.

German engineering at its finest. One can only dream roaming along the coast in this 280 SL.

It's impressive how a Karmann Ghia sits low to the ground, even for a stock model.

3 VW Combi were attending the show. One was a standard camping van, one was slammed to the ground, and the last looked like no other one. Cut after the cabin, it sported a wooden flat bed, making it looking like a runabout boat from the 30's.

An impressive looking bike was standing alone on the bed. Being not familiar with bikes, I can't tell if it's a vintage or a modern one, but it look plainly fantastic.

Parked alone in a corner of the parking lot, this Rolls Royce was just here, being a Rolls Royce.

This Series 2 E-Type Jaguar is definitely one of the most beautiful car ever created.

Under the shadows of the nearby trees, this Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 2000 Veloce seems to be waiting his owner, ready to blast through small Italian roads. 

Another continent, another dimension. While this old Ford looks like it had done enough miles for its age, hearing it roaring on the speedway makes no doubt about the monster resting under that hood.

Hot Rods, in my rural France ? It's more likely than you think.

A whole club of vintage Americans cars came up, showing impressive restoration or mods ...

... like this enormous Chevy Fleetline apparently made of pure gloss.

This Buick Century Riviera look so cliché, but in the right way. Ask a child to draw an American car, and it will be something looking exactly like that.

I can't think of a car less suited to French roads than this Chevrolet Yeoman. It's wider and longer than any parking space, it's turning radius make it the aim of a thousand jokes when approaching a roundabout, and I don't even to think about parallel parking or gas consumption. It really need a lot of dedication to own a car like that.

For those unfamiliar with French driving laws, the red A on this Pontiac Bonneville means that the owner got his driving license less than 3 years ago. A young fan.

Looking pretty simple compared to the monsters above, this black-on-blue Camaro is still an uncommon sight on your typical French roads.

With its side exhausts, this black El Camino seems to came from a Mad Max movie. You can spot the owner on the right, looking pretty well assorted to his car. Many people were intrigued by the car's long tail, before realizing it was actually a ute bed.

This wrap up our coverage of this month's edition of this event, growing larger each time. One can wonder how long an unorganized meet like that can run without encountering a few problems (like for example, the limited size of the parking). For the time being, let's just appreciate the friendly atmosphere and marvelous rides showing every months.