Sunday, December 16, 2012


Actually, this post will cover the June and August edition of the Legend Café meet, since almost no one showed up in July, due to the terrible weather.

And even in June, light rain  showed up, leaving only a handful of car present.
Like this old Citroën in perfect condition. The owner sure have some guts to let it under the rain.

Another new entrant was this Mercedes-Benz 300SE, again in very good condition. This was the last Benz to feature those small fintails.

Another car from the same era, this Renault10 was severely scaled down when compared to the Mercedes. Still, a nice piece of the past, since they are often neglected in favor of the Renault 8.

It doesn't seems like it, but there is definitely a lot of Corvettes around here. Not that I complain.

Speaking of Corvettes, this one was present in August. Sitting here right next to the iconic Charger R/T does really give a taste of America I think ?

This car was perfect from every angle.

You have surely noticed by now, but I really love Venturis.

Evos tend to be quite rare in France, even since the Evo VII official release. I guess several years of Subaru domination when it come to available rally cars didn't really help either ...

This one was far from stock, sporting a really nice engine bay.