Friday, January 25, 2013


Since the good weather couldn't stay forever, October bring us a lot of rain again, especially when the monthly Legend Café meet was scheduled. I didn't even bother to bring my camera too this iteration, which made me miss a nice DeLorean. You can however find some pic of it on my Instagram account. But at least the month was not devote of meet, since the users of French forum gather every two months, for a small, back-to-the-roots, parking meet.

While Honda CRX aren't exactly rare or exceptional cars, finding a clean, unmolested one could e very troublesome. Kudos to the owner for keeping it's original 80s lines untouched.

People usually expect a lot of Honda  during these nights. The ever-growing community and the strong brand loyalty bring a wide range of cars, from untouched originals like the previous CRX, to light mods done well, like this black-on-orange Civic.

Two rally archenemy. Since the introduction of the EVO 7 in the French market, Lancer tend to be more and more common, now even surpassing the iconic Impreza, which handled alone the title of Queen of Rallying for years (since the retiral of the Delta Integrale actually)

The engine bay of the Lanevo was clean as ever, in all it's carbon fiber glory.

Definitely a rare sight on our roads, but the popularity of the Skyline GT-R has exploded since the arrival of the R35. It's now easy to walk into a shop that deal in importing cars from the UK, US or Japan, and just walk back with the keys. I really dig the vintage Volk Racing CV Pro wheels.

The R32 was soon joined by a R34, freshly driven from the UK by the guys from JS Cars, who brought it along with a riced-up Supra. As you may have noticed, this is not a real GT-R, but a RWD GT-T fitted with a GT-R front-end. While a used, imported BNR34 usually goes for 40-50K€, a GT-T goes for around half the price, making it the perfect money-to-performance ratio.

I haven't seen any R34 since my trip in Japan in 2012,  while I spotted several R32 and R33 at Le Mans this year. I just can't stop starring at these afterburner tail lights. It's hard to say that they are now 15 years old.