Monday, January 28, 2013


Just a week after the exhausting Rally of Saumur, it was time to head for the Legend Café again, with my back barely in shape after 400 kilometers of bumpy roads in a lowered Miata. Once parked, a nice and broad selection of cars awaited us, with some surprises.

Several classics were attending like this perfectly-done Mini.

This Custom was attracting a lot of attention. I don't know much about Custom culture, and the owner was nowhere to be found, so if anyone know what car this might be, please let me know.

The mean El Camino was back !

And from Ford of Europe, a rather well-looking Taunus 12M wrapped the American show.

You usually, you would expect the standard "Bleu de France" for a R8 Gordini, but some of them came in bright yellow.

As usual, some Venturi were present, and this time again, a new one showed up: one of the 25 Venturi 260 Atlantique  ever produced. But it was THE one, the chassis number #6/25, which originally belonged to Gérard Larrousse himself, the founder and manager of the Larrousse F1 team.

Venturi produced 264 cars through its history; 4 were present this day, arranged in a patriotic blue-white-red pattern.

I just love 60s roadsters.

The definitively extreme Lotus 2-Eleven was back, along with the Top Banana Elise.

Some owners went loose on the pedal on the straight patch of road running along the Legend Café. Even by observing traffic laws, an air-cooled flat-six can be quite expressive.

The most outstanding car this week-end was with no doubt this particularly rare Ginetta G40R. Sporting a 2-liters Duramax engine pumping  out 200 hp, this fiberglass-bodied racer only weight 820 Kg.

While the styling was clearly a function-over-form design, the lines are still smooth,  and the compact ccoupe is impressive. Let's just hope that the owner became a regular of the show.