Monday, January 28, 2013


Happy new year everyone ! A new year started in our calendars, and so a new year started too in our piston heads world. 
What a better way to kick off this 2013 season by going to our  regular Legend Café car show ?
It didn't look promising at first glance: snow felt a few days ago, it was freezing cold, and a heavy fog was covering the area. Nevertheless, nobody wanted to miss the first meet of the year, and we actually had the biggest attendance since May.

Take a look at this Citroën truck: we already featured it last year, but the impenetrable fog and smooth lightning provided an awesome atmosphere.

The famous ex-Larrousse Venturi 260 Atlantique was here for the traditional new year greetings.

The black wheels are a definitive win.

I love how the lines of this Ferrari 328 GTS flows

Most of the regular attendants were here for the first meet of the season, like the Datsun roadster ...

... the R8 Gordini ...

... or the weathered Peugeot 404.

Some new entrants joined the party, like this UK-sourced Subaru Impreza P1, Prodrive take on making a European Impreza Type R.

Easily recognizable cars are a great way to bring some attention to a bar or a restaurant.

While some are excellent at being discreet. The Peugeot 309 GTI 16 are a favorite among track-days enthusiasts. Borrowing the engine and the chassis from the famous 205 GTI, the 309 is sightly longer, being more steady at high speeds. It didn't benefit much from the aura of the 205 GTI, making way cheaper on the market.

Some unusual Jeep Willys showed up, fully fitted with parts and accessories from the World War II.

I found out that fog is a good way to experiment with black and white photography.

It works well with de-saturated colors too. Leaving  the show among the lasts can get you closer and more personal to the cars, as you aren't annoyed by the roaming onlookers crowd blocking your clear shot.

Every child born in the 70s or 80s had a poster of this car in his room. I don't thing you can't get a more brutal design.

Yep. 2013 definitely started well.