Friday, January 25, 2013


November brought us a nice attendance, after the crappy weather we experienced back in October. Convertibles were topless, ancient cars prone to rust were out, and a nice and broad selection was offered to the enthusiast.

Our friends from the other side of the Atlantic were represented by this enormous pink Cadillac luxo-barge, a car so large that you need a very wide angle lens to shot it in one take. There is no wonder why these cars never sold well in Europe, since they definitely aren't optimized for our narrow roads.

Another impressive car was this giant Ford F150 SVT Raptor. While US readers aren't necessarily impressed by this medium-duty truck, European automobilists aren't still accustomed to this kind of vehicles, when pick-up trucs around here are most commonly represented by chopped-down Opel Corsa. The UK-built Ford Capri next to it was far more in th global lines of European production.

The small Mk.I facelift was exhibiting its delicious lines under the bright sun. I particularly like the wheels, as they look like some serious inspiration for Enkei Apache.

This nice MG B with its half-tonneau cover was boasting UK colors.

Soon joined by a quite rare Triumph GT6+ coupé. The creme color made it really stand out.

This car really means its name: the MG Midget is very small. Even by UK standards. Look at these fenders-mounted mirrors.

This picture can very well be from the late sixties: a MG A, a Vespa side-car, and a Reliant Scimitar GTE in the background. Some weird experimental rock was playing in my head.

The Demon Wagon (most commonly know under the Opel Rekord name) was back again, in all it's 3-doors wagon glory.

Immaculate Beetle dropped on Porsche wheels: a timeless classic.

It may still be a regular Beetle underneath the pretty body of this Karmann Ghia, but this one was also showing some serious exhaust work.

Sometime, some unrestored family sedan is also a good pick. "In its juice", as we said around here.

Instant time-travel: the first Toyota GT86 that I spotted on our roads (minus the press model that I met at Le Mans). If it weren't for the meh wheels, this car would fantastic looking for a stock Japanese car.

Let's wrap it up with some detail from a dark blue Dodge Charger. No matter the angle nor the distance, these cars always look great.