Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Let's continue the catching up of these Legend Café coverages, this time with September. While the weather ranged from bad to terrible during the summer, September offered us the warmest days of the year. For many us, it's just the best excuse to get our cars outside.

Once again, the Legend Café meet didn't to deliver its fair part of automobile history, including as always Venturi. While I already spotted this dark blue MVS at prior events, I couldn't resist to post a few glimpses of this awesome body. But this Venturi wasn't THE Venturi of the show.

This title was held by this light blue 260 Atlantique LM. While the 260 bring a 50hp improvement over the standard 210, the Atlantique also lightened the car from 105 Kg. The LM edition finalized the line, being the last evolution of the original Venturi. This car was born during the (short) years of the collaboration of Venturi, craving for competition, and and the F1 team Larrousse, craving for sponsors.

Venturi wasn't alone holding the tricolor flag, since a special variant of the iconic Clio Williams was here. Like the 260LM, this car came from the collaboration  of a French manufacturer and a Formula 1 team. This might very well be the pinnacle of 90s hot hatches. This one also pictures the  handwriting of Jean Ragnotti on the bonnet, and is advised as a special edition. However, I couldn't find any info about it, so it's still under investigation.

While everyone in the USDM and Stance movement is crazy about wiretucking and dressed-up engine bays, some people prefer the simplicity of a quad-carbed Sierra engine from a R8 Gordini.

Not many Japanese cars are present here, but this Datsun 2000 Roadster have now become a regular.

Another regular, this perfect Porsche 356C.

Not only this kind of care is rare in France, but when the lucky owner decided to go a bit crazy, then this thing happens. Stripped interior, half roll cage, for a serious look.

The same goes for this bare aluminum Super 7. Tired of British Racing Green Lotus replicas? Then just go for the total World War II fighter plane look.

There is no words good enough to describe the awesomeness of this car. But it wasn't the real show stopper.

This one was. A pristine example of a Lamborghini Espada. Lambos are already quite a rare and nice sight, but when you get rid of Gallardo and Murcielago, they just get promoted to I-need-new-pants class of cars. This one is low, so low that you can easily miss it behind the crowd of people. But it's also so flat ! The rear glass is almost horizontal, the windshield isn't much better and the hood is as long as my Miata. It's not a car that you will forget once the roar of the six double carburettors have fainted.

This 308 GTS looked quite tame in comparison !