Thursday, February 14, 2013


Once again, we were granted with a terrible weather for this month's edition of the Legend Café. Temperatures were freezing, a light rain poured non-stop, however, some courageous people managed to show up.

And I finally managed to get some clear shots from the Delorean that showed up back in October. such an iconic car for any 80s boy, it just look so flat.

We already had some Opel Speedster showing up, but this new entrant was sporting a MS Design widebody kit, which flow quite well with the original angular lines.

Speaking of angular shape ...

That arrow-shaped wing is so absurdly huge that a pool of water started forming on top of it.

The wheels are equally enormous, since this Countach is fitted with 345 rubber at the rear.

A 100th-anniversary edition of the Corvette was here  too.

With some massive brakes calipers and discs.

BMW Z3 M Coupés are a love-or-hate relation. I personally can't get enough of that shooting brake silhouette.

The Super Snake is as mean as ever. If you could only hear its roar ...

No place for subtlety here. Even the brake discs looks kinda small here.

And a close-up is always a good way to end up a post. Stay tuned  for next month Legend Café, or next week JapMeet !