Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Finally. We had to wait until the mid of April to finally get some really nice spring weather. People have been warned by weather reports for about a week: it will be a nice and warm Sunday. The perfect day to take your classic/exotic/race car out for a drive.

That's what a lot of people were thinking that day. The Car-and-Coffee-like meet recorded its largest attendance ever, with cars swarming all over the parking lot. As the show started as an American cars gathering, quite a lot of them were present, like the Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS from the opening picture, or that Trans-Am sporting some massive scoop, for a massive a engine obviously.

Speaking of massive things, while Cobras aren't really big cars, they certainly looks like it. The enormous fenders, low stance and side exhausts just speak for themselves: it's going to be raw and brutal.

There isn't really enough love for four-doors muscles. People seems to barely care about American cars that aren't either a Mustang, a Cobra or a F-Body.

Pickup trucks do have their share of love though. Being highly impractical on small French roads, they are only sought after for their collector value. This late 60s, early 70s Chevy C10 may not be a collector's item in it's original country, but over here, it's a nice display of good automotive tastes.

Out of the three regular Chargers, the red beaten up stay my favorite.

As the time flown, the meet became less and less American-centric. Every month, more variety is brought in the shape European or Japanese cars. This month saw an invasion of Impreza from about every generation. My favorite was this GC8 sporting the Dark Mica Blue paintjob, which I prefer over the traditional Mica Blue or World Rally Blue.

The Japanese raid continued with the Mazda RX-7 that just rode the boat all the way from Japan, and landed in front of my friend Vincent's house. This rotary is going to get under a heavy transformation, and will become a pure drift car. We will be following the built closely, so stay tuned !

This was literally the perfect day  to drive in a classic roadster: the sun was bright, there was a slight breeze, and it wasn't too hot. The owner of this Datsun Fairlady 2000 surely appreciated it very well.

I just love how flared the fenders of a bone stock S2000 can be. It's hard to realize that this timeless design date back from 1999.

My friend Arnaud, my driver from the Saumur rally I participated in December, just finished rebuilding the engine from his Eunos Roadster. This car is very well built, with a lot of period-correct Mazdaspeed and other Japanese tuners parts, so expect a feature very soon, as well as his purpose-built track MX-5. Yes, this guy happens love Miatas, and has quite a few of them laying around.

The surprise from Japan came in the form of this mustard yellow TA22 Celica GT. It really looks like some pocket-sized good ol' muscle.

It's the first time for me seeing one of them in person, and I haven't been disappointed. They are really nice cars.

A spaceship has landed. A pristine Citroën SM joined the fun and graced us with its sleek body. This car was, just like about any other classic Citroën, way ahead of its time, offering an impressive level of hydraulic-driven features fitted in a body shaped by wind tunnels.

This must be the coolest hood scoop I've ever seen.

Now this is a piece of history. This Panhard CD is the one that participated in the 1962 Le Mans 24 hours. This is the chassis 105, driven at the time by Guy Verrier and Bernard Boyer which unfortunately didn't finish the race, abandoning on mechanical failure after 14 hours. The n°55 car ran for the Index of Thermal Efficiency, running its 0.7L flat-twin with a lean fuel mixture to preserve fuel economy. The n°54 rolled over at Tertre Rouge after 8 hours.The n°53 ran for the Index of Perfomance, which it won, as it finished first in its class, sharing the podium the Phil Hill and its Ferrari 250 GTO.

The right amount of dials in a car is when you can't put more on the dashboard. Or that was at least what the engineers at Fiat were thinking when they designed this Fiat Dino. while this car wasn't in the most perfect state, it was nonetheless powered by the same V6 found in the Dino 246 GT produced by Ferrari.

These Rolls-Royce have something lacking from the newer ones. I would not call it "discreteness", but maybe just "elegance".

328 GTS are just timeless classics - and that growl !

We had a nice selection of big BMW coupes, with a 8-series, a 635 CSI, and this 2000 Automatic.

If only the nice weather could stay for at least a couple of months ...